We would like to inform you that on April 28, 2023, we acquired 90% of the shares of Takizawa Sangyo Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Takizawa Sangyo) and made it a consolidated subsidiary.


1. Reason for stock acquisition

Our management philosophy is to contribute to the realization of a “decarbonized society”, and we have been working on the recycled energy business centered on the waste tire oil fuel business. On the other hand, while recognizing the need to contribute to the environment in the agricultural field and considering how to approach it, we have recently agreed to add Takizawa Sangyo, an agricultural material sales company, as a partner and aim for development together.

Takizawa Sangyo, which will be made into a subsidiary this time, is a traditional company based in Nagano Prefecture with a history of 60 years. Combining our recycling energy business with the sales and supply know-how of agricultural materials provided by Takizawa Sangyo will make it possible to promote decarbonization in agriculture. In addition, we believe that incorporating the know-how of Takizawa Sangyo will lead to the expansion of our recycled energy business.

Together with Takizawa Sangyo, we will make further progress toward the realization of a sustainable society and expand our business. We appreciate your continued support.

2. Overview of the subsidiary that will acquire shares

Name:  Takizawa Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Location:  1453-1 Shiokawa, Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture

Title and name of representative:  Hiromi Takizawa, Representative Director

Business description:  Sales of agricultural materials

Capital:  10 million yen

Established:  May 1963

Relationship between our company and the relevant company:

There are no personal, capital or business relationships to be noted.

3. Number of shares acquired, acquisition price, and number of shares owned before and after acquisition

Number of shares owned before change:  0 shares

Number of voting rights: 0

Voting rights ownership ratio: 0%

Number of shares acquired: 9,000 shares

Number of voting rights: 10,000

Percentage of issued shares: 90%

*We will refrain from disclosing the acquisition price based on the share transfer agreement.

This value was determined through a fair process based on rigorous share price calculations, including those of third parties, and is recognized as a fair value.

4. schedule

Contract date                        April 28, 2023

Share transfer execution date           April 28, 2023

5. Management structure after shareholder acquisition

Name:  Takizawa Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Location:  1453-1 Shiokawa, Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture

Title and name of representative:  

Representative Director: Toshimichi Ikeda (Representative Director of our Company)

Chairman of the Board:  Hiromi Takizawa

President:              Takehiko Chiba